Why You Snore and How To Stop Snoring

Why You Snore and How To Stop Snoring

Forty years ago, the popular TV sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore touched upon the subject of snoring. In the episode, Mary becomes addicted to sleeping pills and her boss, Mr. Grant, intends to help her end her dependency. He spends a night in her apartment to ensure that she doesn’t take any pills and goes to sleep naturally. When she does go to sleep, she begins to snore – which generates a big laugh from the studio audience. Imagine, a beautiful woman like Mary Tyler Moore, snoring! The next morning, at the television studio, were Mary and Mr. Grant work, Mr. Grant tells her that she snored. She is so embarrassed about this that finally he relents and says no, he was just joking.

While this situation happened 40 years ago, it is indicative of what still happens today. Snoring is funny! Beautiful people don’t snore!

Alas, it is possible for anyone to snore, whatever their appearance. But because many people are embarrassed about it, they do not seek help or try to find out how to stop snoring. If their loved one snores, they put up with it and may not even tell that individual that he or she snores, so as not to embarrass them!

There is no need to avoid the subject of snoring. It is a perfectly natural phenomenon and more than that, there are products and services that can help people stop snoring.

What produces the sound of snoring?

The soft palate is the tissue that everyone has at the back of the roof of their mouth, and is so called because there is no bone there, as opposed to the “hard” palate at the front of the mouth, which does consist of tissue over bone. On either side of this soft palate are the tonsils (which are not to be confused with the uvula, which is the cone-shaped mass of tissue that hangs down from the back of the throat).

When airflow becomes obstructed, which happens for a number of reasons, the tissue of the soft palate or the uvula vibrate, which produces the snoring sound – which can be either soft or annoyingly loud. When these tissues vibrate very loudly, sufferers need to find out how to stop snoring.

A few causes of snoring

1. Sleep apnea – a condition in which a person actually stops breathing for ten seconds, or even longer.

2. Fat that has accumulated in and around the throat can cause snoring, which is one reason people who want to stop snoring need to lose weight.

3. If there is an obstruction in a person’s nasal passageway, this can cause snoring.

4. Some people who sleep on their backs will find that their tongue drops to the back of their mouth, which causes snoring. Simply sleeping on one’s side can help them to stop snoring.

5. People who drink alcohol or take drugs that relax the throat muscles may start to snore.

6. When the tissues at the top of the airways touch each other, this causes vibrations which lead to snoring.

How to stop snoring

There are many products that can help people stop snoring. People who have sleep apnea must go to a doctor to have this condition examined because it is life-threatening.

For people who snore for other reasons, there are many solutions, from changing your sleep position to using a mouth guard or sprays.


You can stop snoring – there are products on the market that can help you. Simply research the subject and you will be on your way to quiet and sleep-filled nights

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