You Can Stop Snoring If You Avoid These 5 Mistakes

You Can Stop Snoring If You Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Having endured 20 years of snoring in the past, I could safely tell you why you snore. And I can also tell you how you can also stop snoring.

Looking back now, anyone can stop snoring if they can educate themselves a little bit on the subject of snoring. The easiest way to become free from snoring is to avoid the mistakes you are probably making now. These mistakes could be the cause of your problems.

Maybe you know you are making mistakes but you never thought about how you are going to stop making them. It is also quite possible that you understand the causes of your snoring, but you did not realize these mistakes are the reasons why you snore.

What most people do not know is that the cause of their snoring starts with the soft tissues in their throats. The simplest way to explain it is this – the tissues in your air passage relax when you are asleep. When you breathe while sleeping, air is pushed against the tissues. Once the tissues are relaxed, the size of the air passage is also reduced. Because the airway becomes narrower, air can only force its way out. This force of air against the soft tissues, cause them to flap and vibrate. This vibratory sound is what is known as snoring.

You are now probably wondering if the cause of snoring is only down to relaxed soft tissues, why then not everyone snores. Even if they do, they are probably not making these mistakes.

There are reasons why snoring does not affect everyone. Having said that, there are also other reasons why some people do not snore at all. But for the purpose of this occasion, we’ll only focus on these five mistakes.

Though tissues are the main factor or cause of snoring, the reason why most people do not snore or have to want to stop snoring is because they don’t make the mistakes you are going to learn about now. Only you have the key to influence the size of your airways in order to stop snoring. You can only exert that influence provided you stop making these 5 mistakes:

1. Stop smoking – if you are really serious to stop snoring, then the best advice for you is to quit smoking. Or never smoke before or near your bedtime. Smoking can damage the tissues in your throat. When the tissues in the throat are damaged, it also affects the airflow. The narrower the air passage becomes the worst your snoring gets. If you stop smoking now, the damaged tissues in your throat will also heal up. It’s fair to say that if you can quit smoking, you can also stop snoring.

2. Do not drink alcohol – you probably know that alcohol is a muscle relaxant. When you drink alcohol, it relaxes your muscles, including the tissues in your throat. If you remember, we said earlier that relaxed tissues in the throat can restrict the airflow when you sleep, which then makes you snore. You will realize that once you do not drink alcohol, you can stop snoring.

3. Lose weight – shedding few pounds or kilos will definitely help reduce the density of fatty tissues in the area around your throat especially in men. Reduced mass of tissue around the throat area definitely helps to open up your airways when you are sleeping and to help you to stop snoring.

4. Avoid allergy medications – as mentioned earlier these medications can dry up the moisture in your nasal cavities, which affects your level of snoring. The only way out to stop snoring is not to use such medications.

The conclusion to be drawn from the article is that if you want to stop snoring, first find out what the cause of your snoring is. Then examine yourself whether you are making any of these mistakes. Once you have done these things, take action to stop making the mistake and you could be on your way to stop snoring.

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