Snoring Aids – A Review of the Best and the Worst Snoring Aids

Snoring Aids – A Review of the Best and the Worst Snoring Aids

If you go to your local chemists you will see there are plenty of snoring aids you can buy. Having a good night’s sleep is vital to your well-being and happiness, we all know what it is like to have to drag yourself through yet another day being bone tired due to lack of sleep. In this article, I will review the main snoring aids so you will have a full understanding of what is out there


There are several types of sprays you can buy. They are designed to coat your throat to reduce the vibration of the soft palate which is what causes the dreaded snores. As a result, the snoring will cease or at least lessen.

Nose Strips

As the name suggests these strips fit over the nose to widen the nostril aperture allowing more air through the passageways. These are a very temporary measure and are no use if you have a cold or any sort of allergy..


There are pillows designed specifically for people that have a snoring problem. They place your head at a particular angle to help open the airways while you sleep.

Unfortunately, they do often lead to complaints about back and neck pain.


There are a few different types on the market but they all have one goal in mind to stop the tissue or soft palate at the back of the throat from vibrating.

You can buy many different types of mouthpiece but in essence, they all work the same by pushing the lower jaw forward opening up the airways.

The more advanced mouthpieces have an extra piece of plastic which hold the tongue in place so as not to block the throat. However, you will need to preserve as they do take some time to get used to.


A recent addition to the catalog of snoring aids is the chinstrap. The basic idea of this device is to close the mouth forcing the sleeper to breathe through their nose.

The chinstrap as a rubber cap that fits under the chin and a piece of elastic that fits over the head

Apart from looking rather odd, the chinstrap is no good when you have a cold or a blocked nose.

The main problem with all snoring aids

If your snoring is temporary due to allergies, colds or blocked nose such snoring aids may offer you some relief. But if your snoring is a permanent issue then the chances are you want a permanent solution

Permanent Solutions.

One is surgery, this is expensive upwards of $5000 dollars plus there are all the risks that go with an operation however it does have a very high success rate

By far the best safe virtually guaranteed to stop snoring solution is a specialized exercise that strengthens the whole throat area permanently keeping your airways open for snore-free nights. You don’t have to go to a gym for them and they take about 3-5 minutes a day.

You should see a marked improvement within a week However you do have to do them consistently for about 2 months before it’s a permanent cure.

Article Author: Michael Davey

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