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Do you suffer from interrupted sleep every night?
Do you feel guilty that your snoring makes your spouse or roommate lying awake all night?

Snoring and sleep apnea not only affects your quality of sleep but also greatly affects your quality of daily life.
This chin support strap will surely be a welcome relief to those who snore and their partners!
It provides you with a comfortable, effective and the easiest way to stop snoring or treat positional sleep apnea.
It helps you and your partner to have a better sleep every night and wake up feeling refreshed instead of fatigued.

How it works :
Snoring research reveals that a jaw supporter can help to reduce or eliminate snoring by keeping the lower jaw in an upward position, which in return increasing the three-dimensional space in the airway, and thus reducing the air velocity
and soft tissue vibration.

This strap supports the chin allowing the jaw to relax with the mouth closed or nearly closed.
As long as there are no obstructions preventing breathing through the nose, snoring cannot easily occur.

Current CPAP users may discover wearing a jaw supporter improves the comfort and effectiveness of their CPAP. Additionally, some CPAP users report that they are able to stop using CPAP while wearing a jaw supporter.

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